Sustainability & environmental protection

We turn down the heating every day:

While our guests are not in the establishment, we reduce the room temperature to save CO2.

Waste prevention:

Soap, shower gel and shampoo are in fixed dispensers in the bathroom


Are cleaned only after use to save water and detergent

Combined heat and power unit:

We produce our own electricity and save energy through modern combined heat and power generation.


We use long-lasting LED lamps in rooms and corridors, and in the guest room instead of candles.

Bed linen:

Is cleaned under particularly strict Dutch environmental standards

Reusable cups:

If you buy a thermal cup from us for €10, you can enjoy unlimited hot drinks during each of your stays.

mitnehmen, bei jedem Ihrer Aufenthalte.


As far as possible, we avoid disposable packaging (jam, nut nougat cream…)

We offer regional organic bread, also gluten-free if ordered in advance.


Non-smoking hotel, washable duvets and pillows, gluten-free/lactose-free breakfast on request, mostly rooms without carptes


We use environmentally friendly materials such as gluing the flooring without synthetic resin, waterbased paints, curtains with eco seal, air conditioning with the latest refrigerant/water cycle and install triple glazing with shading.